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American style pancakes recipe - an alternative pancake for Shrove Tuesday

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Hello Wildfox Home friends and happy Shrove Tuesday to you.


On today’s blog I’m going to share one of my home cooking recipes with you – American style pancakes. 

Yes, I know, traditionally pancake day in the UK involves the crepe style pancakes but I’ve never been a fan and I figured it’s my blog therefore my rules!  Besides, you will not be disappointed by this delicious pancake variation and it is something you can make time after time regardless of the time of year.  My family especially love me making these for a Sunday morning brunch.


Dig out your bowl and wooden spoon and let’s crack on!


Ingredients – makes approx. 12

270g plain flour

2 tsp baking powder

½ teaspoon of salt

4 tbsp of caster sugar

260ml milk

2 large eggs (beaten)

4 tbsp oil (olive or vegetable.  I find it doesn’t matter which)

Extra oil for cooking

An assortment of fruits and syrups to serve


  • Sift all the dry ingredients together in a bowl. In a separate jug, whisk together the egg and milk and then whisk in the oil.


  • Add the milk mixture to the dry ingredient mixture and beat with a whisk or fork until the batter is smooth.  Let the batter stand for a few minutes.


  • Using a non-stick frying pan, place it over a medium heat and add a little oil.  Using a ladle or large serving spoon, add a spoonful of batter to the warm pan. 1 ladle / spoonful = 1 pancake.  If your frying pan is big enough you should be able to get 2 pancakes in at the same time.


  • When the top of the pancake starts to bubble, it is time to turn it over. Cook until both sides are golden.  It should only take a couple of minutes per pancake.  Remove from the pan and stack on a foil covered plate to keep warm.


  • Keep going until all the batter is used up.  Serve warm with an abundance of fruit or lashings of syrups – whatever your choice!

 pancake day 25th Feb

My family like to have their pancakes with a selection of berry fruits and kiwi as well as maple syrup. I like mine with a dollop of thick strawberry yoghurt on the side.

How do you eat yours?  Leave a comment below.


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