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Hello Wildfox Friends!


The most commonly asked question that I get is "Where did your business name come from?", to which my cheeky reply is "Because I'm a foxy lady with wild hair!".

No, I'm jesting with you.  To be perfectly honest the actual story is rather, well, ...boring.  Coming up with a business name is a bit like naming a baby.  Its got to be right and it got's to be reflective of your likes and influences so not a decision to be taken lightly.  Myself & a friend were bouncing business name ideas around and Wildfox just happened to stick.    It felt like the right one. I had to add the 'Home' on the end to indicate what sort business it was.  However, occassionally (and not that often I might add) people don't understand what it's about and draw rather bizarre conclusions.  I was once asked if the business was an old peoples nursing home!!!!

Now, one day, when I was at a show, a gentleman aproached me.  He stopped at my stand and promptly said "I've come specially to see you today!" (always nice)

He then went onto explain that he also owns a business called Wildfox and was curious to meet me because whenever he googled Wildfox in the Northamptonshire area, my business would pop up.  I should add that his business is involved with healthcare exhibtions so no conflicts of interest here!

We had a great chat about the name and he even gave me one of his companies mascots of a toy fox.  Such a lovely gesture!  I did ask him how he came up with Wildfox for his business and you know what he said? "I just liked the sound of it so it stuck".

So there we go, Wildfox seems to be a popular choice for no other reason then it just appeals. 

Are there any business names out there that catch your attention?  Please do share in the comments below 


Until next time

Helen x



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