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You may be thinking meat balls and flat pack.....  And you wouldn't be wrong!  However, there is more to the Scandinavian decor style then just mere white simplicity. 

To quote Wikipedia, "Scandinavian design is a design movement characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality that emerged in the early 20th century, and which flourished in the 1950's, in the five Nordic countgries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden"

Let me elaborate and romanticise that a bit more for you. 

I, personally, have always been a huge fan of the Scandi interior look.  It always appears to be so.... well, cosy & unfussy.  The idea of snuggling under wool knit blankets with a steaming hot chocolate in a soft glazed drinking vessel whilst being surrounded by gently lit lanterns is enough to make this girl get sentimental and dream of a log cabin getaway. 

It is this look that I often have in mind when sourcing decor goodies for the Wildfox Home website. So, just for you folks, I have compiled a list of my top 5 tips for creating Scandi chic in your own home.


 1)  It's all in the lighting

Did you know that during the winter months, the Scandinavians only get about 6-7 hours of day light? It goes a long way to explaining why they use so much white and other reflective neturals in their styling.  Good quality lighting as well as candle light are a must.  You can't get that 'hygge' without the warm glow of lanterns and candles dotted strategically about the room.   Oh, and for that extra feel good cosiness don't forget to use warm white fairy lights.  Yes, you are allowed to use them beyond January the 1st!

2) Green Horticulture

To save you from having a stark white box room, make sure you introduce plenty of greenary (real or fake - I won't judge) to bring nature into your home.  I am a particular fan of easy on the eye plants such as succulents or maybe invest in a cute olive tree with its grey/green soft leaves.  Make sure that your plant pot has texture and form also.  Basket weaves are very popular at the moment as are simple glazed ceramic ones. I will add that, in my humble opinion, cactus plants are a no-no.  I had one too many unfortunate childhood incidents with my mother's cactus collection that she insisted on keeping on a coffee table in the living room. 

3) Keep it Neutral

Now this tip goes without saying.  Scandi decor style is famous for it's use of white, grey, black and sometimes brown tones.  Walls are often painted white to allow the minimal light to bounce as well as giving space for furniture and accessories to shine.  Overall, the Scandinavian look is about creating a calm and clean look.  However, don't be afraid to add the occassional pop of colour.  Use the British seasons as inspiration if you like.  Mink or blush pink accessories for the Spring, or try a burnt orange throw for autumn.  The rules are there to be bent!

4) Clutter? What Clutter?

The saying "Less is more" is never more appropriate then when it comes to Scandi design.  Make sure that your storage, regardless of its size, is utilised as efficiently as possible.  Baskets and trunks make stylish yet useful additional storage.  Remember, we are going for calm and clean.  No-one can relax when surrounded by unnecessary clutter, discarded magazines & unopened mail. 

Now, I'm a mum of three so I know exactly how much mess a family can generate on a daily basis.  It is a challenge but not unattainable.  On particularly difficult days, when the family do not share your Scandinavian vision, I suggest you grab a glass of wine.... preferably white to go with your scandi decor! 

5) Not forgetting the texture

And finally we get to my favourite part.  You can't have Scandi without using some soul warming tactile textiles in there.  Sheepskin, cotton and chunky knits are just some of the elements found in Nordic inspired rooms.  They add depth and cosiness to any space and more often than not, ideal sources of comfort on wet, windy & chilly days.


Until next time.

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