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  1.  “Black and white is the salt and pepper of colours, for life tastes bland without them” – Vikrmn

    I do love this quotation.  It is the perfect metaphor for why monochrome tones of black, white and grey is the ideal choice for the home. 

    In this month’s blog I am going to tell you why I use monochrome in my designs and how to embrace it in your own home.  Going monochromatic will make for a compelling argument, I promise…..


    monochrome room

    As any fan of Scandinavian décor will tell you, using tones of black, white and every shade of grey in between is key to a chic yet relaxed and cohesive style at home. 

    To be monochromatic simply means to use variations of a single colour or hue.  So for example, if we take grey as our base colour and alter the saturation or brightness of that colour we will get a variety of shades ranging from white to black.  If we are using just that one base colour it will effectively create a harmonious unity.

    Colour can have a huge impact on us psychologically.  Red ignites passion.  green reflects tranquillity.  Blue can bring about sadness.  However, black or white can evoke a wide range of emotions.  Black can be moody and dark as well as elegant and the pinnacle of sophistication (Remember Audrey Hepburn in that little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s).  White, on the other hand, can be seen as empty and sterile but at the same time it is reflective and restorative.   These are the only two colours that can draw such a contrast of emotions.  This is probably why black and / or white is known to go with anything.  It can go with any other colour.  It can go with any other style.  This is the main reason for the Wildfox Home product range being available predominately in simple tones of black, white and grey.  IT WILL GO WITH ANYTHING ELSE IN YOUR HOME!

    Monochrome is a style so commonly used in Scandinavian décor.  It is timeless yet contemporary, chic yet casual.  But does using homeware accessories in monochrome tones bring about limitations and restrictions? Well, no actually.  If anything, it does the opposite.  It allows you the freedom to mix old and new décor pieces.  Simple and cheap décor objects can look and feel more expensive by using this colour scheme.  For example.  You have a treasured art print to put on the wall.  Pop it in a black frame with a white mount and Wow - it instantly looks more interesting and sophisticated.  Put a few prints into black frames and suddenly you have a seamless and cohesive look.  

    print in black frame

    A simple print in a black frame adds sophiscation

    Take our black and white bone china mug with its contemporary shape as another example.  Use this in conjunction with that traditional mustard yellow teapot you inherited from your Granny and voila!  A happy pairing.   One will completely compliment the other and vice versa.   Makes you think doesn’t it?

    The colour tones of black and white enjoy a romantic love affair.  I’m going to refer to the Wildfox Home product range to make my point. 

    black and white placemat home tweet home on wood table

    Black and white placemat from the Home Tweet Home collection

    I use an expanse of white for the background or base on many of my home ware product designs. I then use black or dark grey on the actual design to command attention.  I want to get the simple message of the design across and this is achieved effectively by using the darker hue as a direct contrast against the crisp clean white.

    Think of black and white photography.    It remains as popular today as it always has.   The absence of colour on the photograph somehow makes the image appear deeper, it feels timeless.   It is more open to interpretation as you have not been influenced by an array of colours.  To quote Jason Peterson “Black and white photography erases time from the equation”.   See? Black and white has and will always be classic!

    Monochrome can definitely work across many styles without being overpowering.  By simply pairing monochrome with natural materials such as wood, hessian or wool to the scheme you start to achieve the popular rustic Scandinavian look.  Using bright coloured metals such as copper or brass paired with stripes or geometric patterns can help to achieve a contemporary finish.  


    What do you think of black and white décor?  Are you ready to embrace the monochrome?  Leave your comments below. 

  2. Hello Wildfox Friends.

    Mothers Day Blog hero photo


    Today’s blog is all about inspiring you with some incredible gift ideas for your lovely mum’s.  We all know mum’s deserve the very best when it comes to Mother’s Day so I have complied a list of 10 unique and fabulous products from some of my favourite makers and shakers....


    1. For fashionable Mum's with a passion for sustainability


    Maya Bag in red with model from Raw Angel Apparel

    Maya in Red by Raw Angel Apparel

    £110.00 – As seen in British Vogue

    This contemporary hobo bag in red with short braided strap is made from cork!!!

    Perfect for all of your day or evening needs, this bag is incredibly versatile and superbly stylish. There is plenty of space with a main compartment zip, internal zip and two internal phone pockets. 

    All of Raw Angel Apparel cork bags are:

    extremely soft to touch

    water & abrasion resistant

    as strong as leather


    free from any animal products




     2. For Mum's in need of a pamper


    Morgan DuBoulay Pamper and Cuddles hamper kit

    Mummy’s Pamper and Cuddles Hamper by Morgan DuBoulay


    Based on a theme of Llamas...

    This beautifully wrapped hamper contains a cute Mummy cushion with matching mug, a Winnie the Pooh hardback story and a set of 4 heavenly organic beauty products. 

    You can even get free personalisation. 

    Llama themed hamper comes in tray with compostable cello wrap and custom printed ribbon.




    3. For Mum's who like to cook


    Plate planner recipe book

    Recipe Notebook (best seller) by Plate Planner


    Create your very own recipe book and keep all your favourite recipes in one place.

    Don't forget to write your recipes down in the contents page so that you can easily find them next time you need to use them.

     Includes a contents page, conversion chart and 4 note pages



    4. For Mum's workspace or desk


    A set of 6 motivational mother note cards with oak stand

    A set of 6 Mother note card prints with oak stand by Wildfox Home


    Tell you mum how wonderful she is with this thoughtful mothers day gift.  

    A selection of 6 note cards featuring inspirational and motivational quotes about mother's.  The set is supplied with an oak card stand to display the note cards. 

    Each card is printed in a feminine dusky pink colour but features a different quotation and pattern on each one.  

    The cards and stand would make a beautiful mothers day gift set and is ideal for use on a desk, bedside unit or window ledge.



    5. For mum’s who like jewellery with sentiment


    Avalanche Avenue gift voucher

    Gift Voucher for a personalised silver charm by Avalanche Avenue

    Prices start from £10.00


    Not sure which fingerprint or artwork keepsake to buy for mum?

    Then these beautifully printed gift vouchers are the answer!

    They come in a white gift voucher envelope and can even be sent straight to the recipient if you wish.

    These come in denominations of £5, £10, £20 and £50 so you can make up the perfect amount!



    6. For Mum's who like to look stylish on the go!


    Jampuppy pocket mirror

    Initial Floral Pocket Mirror by Jampuppy Design Studio


    This little pocket mirror is the perfect accessory to your day out! Smart and compact, this mirror won’t let you down! 

    Adorned with a Jampuppy Design Studio print, these items are one of a kind and super unique!

    Size of product: 58mm x 58mm. 


    7. For Mum's who like to be practical 


    Mama bag from Totes be you

    Mama. Tote bag by Totes be you designs


    Oversized, ethically produced statement tote, perfect for carrying all the “bit” us strong mamas have to carry around. Wipes, nappies, spare dummies, snacks, toys...there's space for everything in this bad boy!

    Key features include

     100% ethical cotton canvas
    - Dimensions 38cm x 42cm
    - 58cm long handles
    - Super sturdy
    - Square gusset bottom



    8. For Mum's who like to create


    Boho Shawl knit

    Boho Shawl Knit kit by Chunky Couture 


    This pattern is a beginners pattern and using basic Knit snd Purl stitches with easy instructions for changing your wool colours. Its knitted on our big 20mm needles too which are super fun to work with. It takes roughly 12 -16 hours to knit.

    In your kit you will receive, 

    * 600g of wool

    * 20mm knitting needles

    * tapestry needle

    * Full pattern



    9. For Mum's who like garden and nature


    Maple LEaf quote by A Blackbird sang

    Powder coated steel Maple leaf quotes by A Blackbird Sang



    Perfect for all year round in the garden, hanging from trees, fixed to a wall or fence. 

    A series of tree leaves featuring unexpected and charming, sometimes seasonal quotes.

    Available singly. Each has a 3mm hole on the stalk. They can be hung using nylon line or string. Supplied flat. Can also be simply bent by hand or with pliers for a naturalistic effect. 

    Suitable for outdoor and indoor settings.



    10. For Mum's who like stationery


    Pretty-and-Pink-stationery-gift-box by Got to Jot

    Pretty and Pink Stationery Gift Box by Got to Jot



    Perfect for Pink Lovers this pretty and pink stationery gift box is an indulgent gift or treat.

    Packed full of lovely pink stationery themed products its practical and pretty at the same time.

    Each box is personally wrapped up with tissue paper and packed and includes:

    A gorgeous A5 notebook , a soft touch pink ball point pen , a stylish weekly planner, a set of our best selling positive postcards