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  1.  Fika A4 print in wood frame on table

    Fika unframed print from Wildfox Home

    Many great things come out of Sweden but Fika has got to be one of my favourites.

    Fika is a significant part of everyday life for the Swedish.  Basically, to Fika means to have coffee.  However, Fika is so much more than ‘just having a coffee’.  It gives an opportunity for one to slow down, take time out, chit-chat with friends / family / colleagues and just enjoy life in the moment.

  2.  “Black and white is the salt and pepper of colours, for life tastes bland without them” – Vikrmn

    I do love this quotation.  It is the perfect metaphor for why monochrome tones of black, white and grey is the ideal choice for the home. 

    In this month’s blog I am going to tell you why I use monochrome in my designs and how to embrace it in your own home.  Going monochromatic will make for a compelling argument, I promise…..