about us - the story behind wildfox home

Do you remember when you were little and you were asked to draw a house by your school teacher?  

I do.  As a 5-year-old, my houses would often be a square box with a pitched roof, 4 windows and a front door all laid out in symmetry.   Sometimes a fence, a tree or a family member was added to the sketch just for the sheer hell of it. 

It wasn’t so much the joy of drawing houses (although it was my favourite thing in the world to do at that time) but what a house would symbolise to me.  That feeling of belonging, warmth and the narrative of what my life was to be – a feeling of home.

Hi there! I’m Helen, the one in the photo with the colourful flowers.

A little bit about me:

I’m an avid tea drinker and chocolate muncher (my only vices, I promise).  I’m also very fond of hygge, Scandinavian décor and houses in their various shapes and sizes.  Yes, all those building your dream home type TV programmes feature quite a bit in my home!  I live in a Northamptonshire market town called Brackley, with my husband, 3 children and a cat called Millie.

Wildfox Home started out as an online homeware gift shop.  Many hours would be spent with me sourcing and handpicking a variety of the very best and deliciously gorgeous home décor products to go into our online store. 

Moving forward, and with a couple of years’ experience under my belt, I decided that it was the right time to design and produce a product range which reflected my own passions from my childhood – those simplistic houses and homes.  I wanted to share that feeling of warmth and cosiness that I, myself, get with my own home and I am willing to bet you get with yours!  

Combining my love for handsome houses and the Scandinavian classic of simple monochrome tones, the Wildfox Home Signature range was born.  My simple house and quotation designs aim to capture that essence of home and what it means to us. 

Each of my signature range products are designed with character, simplicity and quality in mind.  I will also add that they are designed and produced in the UK!  Bigging it up for UK manufacturing here as it is pretty awesome!!!

I hope you enjoy the products as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to life.  Many more designs and homeware products are waiting in the wings to make an appearance so please do sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know!